We at Melbourne A to Z Renovation are your go-to option for all contractual work.  

We have worked with a number of homeowners in and around Melbourne, Australia, and have exceeded their expectations.

What we do

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The initial meeting is your first point of contact with the team.

This is when our team will respond to your initial prompt to visit you, and discuss your expectations for the renovation project, your budget, and your tastes.

The next step in the process is the evaluation of your entire home.

Obviously, you have expectations from the renovation project, but we will determine whether they can be implemented.

We will try to live up to your expectations and give you whatever is possible within your current home structure and budget.

The design kick-off meeting will set the proceedings for the initial design and display.

The initial design will determine the actual scope of the project and lead you to success.

We will provide an overview of the renovation design, the budgeted estimates, the tentative work schedule, and the final deliverables.

This process will see us implement all ideas and designs previously discussed with you on paper.

This is where we incorporate solutions and give you the perfect full house renovation experience.

Project completion marks the end of the project. We at Melbourne A to Z Renovations have a thorough process in play and run you through each step.

Once the project is complete, we will sit down with you to discuss the deliverables and the use and care manuals. All other relevant info for future use will also be passed down here.

We renovate and provide contractors for all types of home renovation services.

We provide the following services to clients in the region:

You can also get a wide variety of window works managed by us as we deal in it as well. We offer double-glazed windows to customers so that they can enjoy the feel of quality work and installation. We understand that some of the not-so-prominent construction agencies in the region can dupe you for wanting the best outcome for yourself, which is why we offer the best solutions.